Resin Penny Floor Project! You ve probably seen the viral video s that did the rounds recently featuring floors bars and tabletops made from pennies One of the most popular videos was made by one of our customers who created his own penny floor using one of our products

Wooden frame set of 4 pcs Hexagons Open bezel for epoxy resin Wooden billet Laser cut Fr

Epoxy resin lichtenberg glow in the dark flooring We used an electric current to engrave this gorgeous design in to a hardwood floor filled the veins with glow in the dark resin then used epoxy resin to cover whole floor with a matt top coat extremely dangerous but at the same time completely stunning please link to YouTube to watch our how its made video

Hi I m Amber Oliver! I hope if you enjoy this project you ll also stop by my blog!Resin isn t as complicated as it seems! It s an amazing medium that makes a durable and lasting finish for your projects Let s make a beautiful resin confetti tray for your home! I used a wood sign for this project You just need something with a lip and thick sides! Cut up paper in the color of your choice to create the confetti! Now it s time for resin! First add all the confetti in the botto

Epoxy resin now covering penny floor

AllCoatSurfacing com 602 639 2672 Epoxy Granite Chip Flooring in color Sahara1 4 quot;

Independent bookstores were supposed to be dead succumbing to Amazon Kindle and big box chains Barnes Noble and Borders As early as 1998 Hollywood in Youve Got Mail was predicting the demise of indies featuring Tom Hanks as a big box owner targeting Meg Ryans childrens bookstore

Candy Colored Resin Layer floor is the most recent exposition by the German artist Peter Zimmermann

Real flower petals carefully dried and preserved inside resin Few thin layers of resin on each side of petals Steel findings All real flowers that I use in my jewellery are pick by me during the summer I seen others jewellery with flowers before and when I tried to press plants for the first time I fell in love with the result! So I was collecting different flowers till automn I love every stage of this process picking flowers choosing method of pressing waiting few days to see how it turned out collecting ready dry plants to little boxes and special albums I love watching images of ready flower jewellery on internet and planning my own ideas Creating process brings me a lot of fun! How to take care of your real flower jewelry Epoxy resin is very hard material It not easy to brake if layer is thick enough For example beads or pendants with plants inside are very hard They dont break like a glass if you accidentally drop them on a hard floor Even though they can get scratched So must be careful Best way to keep your resin jewellery if not use hanged on jewellery stand or inside jewellery box separately from other to avoid scratching You can keep in the box that it comes to you or use small peace of fabric to protect it Attention!!! Resin jewellery dont like being contacting with parfumes! Please dont spray it on your nacklaces or earrings It can loose its beautiful shiny surface Also be careful with body lotion and cream

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