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Black and white custom countertop in modern house installed by Diamond Coat!

Transform your kitchen today! Use Leggari products to coat your countertops! Visit our website and get a quote today for your countertops!leggariproductscreativeepoxyresinconcreteoverlaysyoutubevideowebsite

Crystal Clear Liquid Epoxy Resin for Wood Table Top Epoxy For Wood Working River Table at Rs 650 kilogram Chimique Sol Surat ID 21442492355

MADE IN ITALY FLAMING SWORD Floor lamp made of partially burnt tree trunk covered with a cascade of epoxy resin on a natural stone base While I was walking in the middle of a forest destroyed by a fire I saw this piece of trunk with this very particular shape that makes it look like a sword This trunk left partially burned gave me an incredible feeling of strength and my creative mind did the rest The trunk was first treated with an odorless antibacterial of the latest generation and then left to stand in the absence of air for a month to eliminate any form of microorganism in it Subsequently it was covered with a mixture created by me of tung oil and wax to maintain the original colors of the trunk unaltered and at the same time protect it over time Then I inserted an amber colored led strip inside a natural wooden slit that makes it look like the wood is still burning Finally I covered the lamp with a quot;cascade quot; of transparent epoxy resin managing to let the resin dry exactly when it came down from the trunk to create a quot;loose quot; effect The total height of the floor lamp is 110cm the base length is 28cm For any doubt or further photos are at your disposal

Clear Epoxy Resin for 3D Floors

Wooden frame set of 4 pcs Rectangle frame with Cat Open bezel for epoxy resin Billet blank

AllCoatSurfacing com 602 639 2672 Epoxy Granite Chip Flooring in color Coconut 1 8 quot;

Learn how to make an epoxy river table that glows in the dark This live edge epoxy resin river table has blue fire glass embedded in clear resin

Brick backsplash and teal white and natural wood counter tops Counter tops covered wig Epoxi resin

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