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Floors arent just surfaces to walk on That is of course their main function but they also contribute to the larger picture that is the decoration of the space they are in There is a lot to co

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GLAMBARBIE contemporary minimalist white kitchen

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Home plans these days mostly renounce galley kitchens for the

Not every white kitchen must have wood flooring! Here are 23 white kitchen designs without wood floors to inspire your new home or remodel project!

After 2 weeks and nearly 50 hours of work the kitchen floor is finally complete In 2003 I did a remodel where I removed unusable attic space and installed an upstairs bathroom enlarged a bedroom and tacked on a balcony After the demolition of the original roof I kept the old full dimensioned 2x4s for sentimental sake and also in case I might have a chance to reuse them again In the design stage of the current kitchen remodel I came across an interesting wood and tile inlay and the thought occured to me to finally utilize those old 2x4s To give it more of a worn look I had them sandblasted Here are some close up shots The next picture is the collection of split 2x4s after coming from the sandblaster Earlier I had cut these to size and checked for nails before running through the bandsaw by Kevin Reedy who would later become the cabinet maker He was a reference from my dining room table maker Dennis The kitchen that I m remodeling was a later addition at the back part of the house As a result the floors are at different levels so I had to add some 1 4 quot; plywood to bring it to the same level as the adjacent dining room Before installing the 2x4 halves and bricks I first laid out the centerlines of the 2x4s based on the location of the sink and range for symmetry Once the 2x4s were nailed in place I installed Durock as a solid foundation for the brick veneers to be install on Here s a shot of the brick veneer lined up to be installed I purchased through Holbird Enterprise and the brick is from the Alabama Charcoal Co in Oklahoma so lots of character and various colors on the faces Thin setting and brick veneer install I only worked a small area at a time since there was a lot of cutting due to the angles After a section or two I got a good process down and it went fairly smooth although I felt it in my back the ing day that s for sure The grouting was a bit more of an unexpected challenge The grout tended to adhere to the brick face much more than a glossy tile face so clean up was a bit frantic I ended up taking a day of quot;vacation quot; the next morning to scrub the brick faces to get as much grout off as possible Later they went through an acid wash by Gary and that made a huge difference More finished shots below The two wood quot;rugs quot; were strategically placed in front of the sink and the range since a lot of standing is spent there I figured standing on wood rather than brick would be easier on the body over time

Let s talk about the rustic kitchen trend and how much is too much Do you like chipping wood and stone walls or do you like a cleaner space

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