Does this sound familiar A couple buy and remodel a Brooklyn townhouse then look out through their new floor to ceiling windows and noticing the wreck o

TheBong Broomsweep all types of indoor surface floors easilyremoves pet hair from carpets hardwood tiles stairsandany other surface TheBongBroomalso be used to clean any surface in outdoor area like garden balcony patio garage There is no need to buy a Vacuum a Mop or a Squeegee this broom gathers hairs dust dirt together You will be surprised to see how much pet hair you can pull out from fabric surfaces like the carpet or couch Pet Hair Remove Do you struggle withpet hair all over your house Easily remove pet hair from floors wall carpets and rugs Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets easily gather hair on the carpets that a vacuum couldn t reach Effortlessly Sweep Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust hair paper scrapes on floors and carpets Increasingmore efficiency than a normal broom and doesn t make ash or pet hairs flying in the air during sweeping Extra Long and Adjustable Handle Adjustable length suit for people in different heights to use Long enough for tall adults to use prevent from bend down while sweeping Also can be shorten for children to use by themselves Indoor Outdoor Besides the pet hair removal function with built in squeegee edge thisBroom also be used in outdoor area like garden balcony patio garage to wash the floor clean up water or spills clean window etc water resistance and durable Fabrics The Ionic electrostatic Bristles will effortlessly pull fur and dust out of carpets furniture bedding cars clothing and More! Reuse Like New Easy to clean! Just by washing under a tap running water dust or hair will be easily washed away from the bristle and be like new Water rinse and dry quickly It is incredible durable efficient time saver it reduces waste and saves money No maintenance just rinse in water This broom is theperfect solution for homeownerswith long haired pets that shed their coats all year round

Te mostramos unas cuantas ideas para que decorar con plantas sea a partir de hoy factor de obligado cumplimiento en tu hogar

Balkoneinhausung Die horizontal strukturierten Sichtschutzelemente schtzen vor unberechtigtem Zugang und verwandeln den gerumigen Balkon zum kleinen Hausgarten

p mid century lamps to create the most romantic environment on Valentine s day It s important to surprise your better half and simultaneously you can

Fstoppers com has teamed up with Mike Kelley to produce the second installment of Where Art Meets Architecture How to Photograph Luxury Homes and Advanced Photoshop Techniques With 21 lessons and 13 hours of video content this tutorial will take you from the on location capture all the way through Mike s most advanced photoshop techniques in the post production studio Join Mike as he photographs 5 unique luxury homes set throughout the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and the ocean cliffs and lava fields of the big island of Hawaii

2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms economical modern ranch style house plan with covered rear balcony open space

Jetzt wird der Urlaub auf Balkonien endlich perfekt In Mumbai Indien soll ein Wolkenkratzer mit Pool Balkonen entstehen Nur schwindelfrei sollte man fr das Bad am Abgrund besser sein 140 Meter

Terrassengestaltung ist ein dankbares Thema fr die Hausinhaber Die Terrassengestaltung Ideen sind relativ leicht nachzumachen dank dieser kann man mit

Chip and I fell in love with this house immediately and knew we wanted to renovate and flip this home The character it had made it well worth the overhaul The only trick to this one was that we didnt have a client for it We kind of happened upon it and we both loved

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